Tips to get my item approved



Hello sir,
I submitted my theme a few days ago. It got rejected, and it is unclear as to why. Any experienced authors here willing to give me some pointers on where am i mistaking. And what are the reasons for rejecting my theme.

The theme I made is for Blogger. It’s a OnePage theme which offers fade-in sections on scroll and smooth scrolling. I’m a pro blogger and designing themes from past 2 years. My theme was fully responsive.



you can add here a link to your template demo and someone will most likely take a look and give you advice about your work.


Demo link - Demo template


I don’t know much about blogger themes but speaking of design only - this design look amateurish. It is a good start but it needs more work. I suggest you to learn more about typography, spacing and other design techniques, you can find lot of tutorials online and some of tips here on forum too in similar threads. And most important take a look at other accepted templates and blogger templates here and see the difference compared to yours to get idea where you are wrong. For example your template needs more space on sections, better typography, more modern fonts, more professional images… etc.


thanks for writing in detail