Tips to access phpmyadmin directly from domain

If you want to access phpPgAdmin right away through your domain name deprived of having to access
your cPanel first, you have to install phpPgAdmin on your hosting account.

The installation is quiet simple and can be done in the three steps

  1. Download the latest version of phpPgAdmin.

  2. Upload the package to your public_html folder.

  3. Extract the package.

Automatically the package will be removed in a folder called phpPgAdmin- where resembles to the phpPgAdmin version
you downloaded. You can rename the folder to anything you want and then you can
access it directly through your domain name (e.g.

To log in and manage a Postgre database, you first have to generate the database
and add a user to it. You may do this from your cPanel > PostgreSQL
Databases. With the user(s) you make you will be able to log in to your
newly-installed phpPgAdmin.

It depends on your hosting company. This isn’t really a question meant for Envato Forums.

This is a question that should be posted to your hosting company support, or maybe

To access your server PHPMyAdmin, you’d require accessing the hosting control panel.

Each environment will vary.

I strongly suggest that you clarify your questions rather than copying and pasting descriptions you find.

It reads as though you’re sharing information, rather than asking a question. Just thought I’d share that.