Tips That Will Improve Your Item Pricing

Hello my fellow envators,

I just uploaded my first item: sPlayer

I got lower price than expected, I’m a little disappointed, I don’t know what I’m missing, my item has ultimate features, it’s high quality, docs available, well organized and more.

I just need some tips about how to get a higher price, a higher value.

So If you have anything to suggest, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

Actually, checking the prices for competing items, which range anywhere from $9 to $14, your are right in the middle. If you think your item deserves a higher price based on features, you are always free to talk to Envato support and request an increase, which they usually grant, provided you can reasonably justify your request. :slight_smile:

lower price = more sales.

I did talk, Thank you

Yeah maybe you’re the right, Thank you for your answer

Not at all .) I have a degree in economics and know that it’s not work always.

I think everyone’s somewhat aware of the quality that a higher price tag can project in certain instances, but if Coke double all their prices tonight, I think it’s unlikely their sales would increase. Most people would just buy Pepsi instead.