Tips on the mix

Greetings !
I worked very much on this mix.
While we were working on him, we were reading different articles, watching video clips, doing everything exactly as they should.
I worked with the basics, eq, compression, reverb!
I also worked with a reference track, but at the end of the mix everything sounds dirty (I think so) and I have a less professional mix!
I have been trying for a very long time to improve my skills but I do not succeed!
What do you think is wrong?
Thank you!
All the best !

Why such a strong “Velocity” on the piano? Do the mixing at different volumes. When doing a very quiet immediately clear what “musical instruments” - disappear. You need to adjust so that all instruments could be heard (sub - bass) exception. But do not forget that the difference in volume between “musical instruments” should be “hierarchy”. I realized one thing. If attention is attracted by some sound means it’s something wrong. “track” should sound integrity. In this you the track my attention: Piano, snare, guitar. Very poorly implemented “room”. To be honest: this “mix” is fundamentally wrong. but I will not be able to explain this. Search for competent teachers on YouTube. Good luck.

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Unfortunately there is not only an issue with the mix but also with the composition and the sounds you used. Simple is good, a lot if bestsellers here are “Simple” tracks with only a few instruments playing. But these tracks are well produced on the one hand, but also the harmonies that build the main theme are well thought through. This also applies for the structure through the track. Beside reading and watching tutorials, there is only one way to get rid of composition and mixing problems: Learning by doing. Comes time, comes skills :wink:

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hey @STUDIOFA96!
Is this the kind of music you want to make?

Hello Marian!
I wanted to be a cheerful hip-hop!

Thank you all for your advice!
I’ll keep that in mind!
All the best!

Well, ok. I’m not gonna give you advice about your track because we all know that you’re not there yet. Of course tutorials may help but keep in mind that there are various factors that may influence the end result(what you hear in a tutorial and what you make): from the instruments used, vst and effects, daws and so on. I asked you that question because it seemed to me that you tried to make a track following some tutorial guidelines and of course the end result is different. Cutting the long matter short, do what you like in terms of music, practice, have patience and results will appear.

Best wishes!

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First there is no such thing as "doing everything exactly as they should."
There are lots of different paremetres in music. So don’t rush for anything, keep on watching tutorial videos and most importantly keep listening to music. Results will come.

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Hello, and happy new year!
@EvgenM said it I think.
before eq, compression and reverb… you have… volume!
Your volumes are not right, the piano is way too loud compared to the rest…
But even before that, you have to work on the composition… the piano notes seem to be all played with maximum and identical velocity… Try to “humanise” this a bit first, and things will improve greatly.

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Thank you for your opinion !
I appreciate it!

Thanks a lot for your advice!
In connection with the piano, it was played on a midi keyboard!