Tips Needed - Editing Vocals Reverb Mixing and Stuff

Hi fellow authors

I need some help. I am recording layers of vocals for a trailer job. I have doubles of hi, mid and low all octaves singing the same melody line (unison) I also have later on a double of a single harmony line. I wondered where you would all place the vocals, what sort of reverb and settings and any other tips to make the vocals sound beautiful. I have tidied them up in Logic so they are in tune, not too perfect though :wink:

Also any ideas to make them really gel together and sound rich, EQ ideas I suppose. This is a female vocalist I recorded.


Hi, without a preview it would be hard to give tips and suggestions :slight_frown:
Next time call Malukah for female trailer vocals :wink:

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Without hearing the vocals it’s hard to recommend something that will help subject.
But,as for reverb for vocals…I think Valhalla Vintage Verb in Plate mode does the job really well.
Also I’ve used demo of new Fab Filter Pro-R.I think it has great potential and it works in a very musical way on almost anything.

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Malukah has a gorgeous voice!

I will check those out thanks for the advice!

Preset “bright long verb” from PlatinumVerb in Logic works well on female vocals (add an EQ cutting lows).
I use a lot UAD reverbs (EMT and Lexicon) but this little PlatinumVerb sometimes helps me.
And Valhalla Room for huge spaces :slight_smile:

Thanks more great advice, and nice to know that there’s a Logic verb that does the trick too. Have gone with Valhalla Room as well. Lovely reverb.

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