Tips for approval ?

Hi guys!
I think you all know the Overwatch game. There are some awesome sprays in it, some of them funny, some of them have cool design. The problem is, you cant cut them out of a screenshot due to low res.
I have made some of them in illustrator, with smooth edges and gradients, and i saved them as PNGs high res (2000x2000).
My question is, if i make a pack with 10 of this sprays (no hero spray, just elements) , i have a chance for approval?
They look really nice, colors are more enjoyable and you can easly use them with photoshop, can be used as elements for something else or some design idk :smiley:

Come on, someone please reply, it`s important :frowning:

What you can just screen shot a game and sell images of a character someone else made?

Yes but those images are high res, png (transparent background) and are looking more cool with gradients.
And i made no image of a character, just elements (such as bombs or power balls)