Tips for a beginner rejected track? :P

This track got rejected and I would really appreciate an experienced advice, since it’s the first track that i do in this style.
I passed the piano through a guitar amp to get a different and saturated tonality, does it sound too weird or something like that?
I realized the banjo sounds a little out of tune (not a really good banjo that i have :P) but it doesnt bother me that much


The piano plays the same thing. It is necessary to add humanity to the musical instrument.
Overall a boring composition. It takes more to develop it.
Part since 2:00 it seems to me should have entered much earlier.
IMHO! Good Luck to You!

P.S. I liked the sound of banjo :stuck_out_tongue:
And it seems to me, on the contrary, banjo brightened this composition.

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yeah… i did that “save the best for the end” kind of thing, but I will maybe try to start out with the banjo already and develop more parts to give the song some more movement
thanks for the advice!

I Changed the mix and made the track a little bit more “cleaner” and it got in!
Anyway thanks for the tips dude :slight_smile:

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Cool! My congratulations! I wish you great sales! :sunglasses:
P.S. Did not notice strong differences from the previous version :sweat_smile: :thinking: