Tips before uploading

Hello everyone,
I would like some advice on this corporate track before uploading it, what do you think? tips? thank you very much!

Vocal samples inappropriate
Drums bad samples
Reverb on drums sounds like just the effect output, no mix of dry signal

Needs to be better arranged, better mix and get rid of vocal samples.

IMHO Rejection, but I am not a reviewer.

Absolutely agree with @gballx. Though. This does belong to corporate category. But with a few tweaks you may twist it into future house, future pop genre. The vocal chop is not bad and could be a good start for future pop/ tropical track.

Hi dude, i think it need more mixing and mastering also as told by our friend remove that vocal its not feeting with the others, also i guess you used too much reverb, also melody is too heigher then kicks and drums, and finally good luck :wink:

Thanks everyone for the advice, I try to make the changes!

Hello everyone,
I tried to make some adjustments, what do you think?
thank you!

Not a bad track but that impact sample every 2 bars or so is way too much. Only use impacts like that every 8 or 16 bars… if you do it too often it loses its effect.

Also if you have your sub bass playing then try to avoid using other samples that have low frequencies in them, otherwise the sub frequencies will clash and your track will sound muddy and lack cohesion.

But all in all, not a bad track for the genre you’re going for. Definitely closer than the 1st one (although I like the first one better from an artistic perspective, but this one is more in line with what audiojungle expects)

Agree with @add9audio . The crash/impact every bar is not quite good.Did you do any volume automation on master bus? The overall volume drops down quite drastically in the middle of the track. Is ok to do some volume automation between parts, but is way too much. Usually 1 dB is enough in order to give you a bit more impact of the chorus vs the verse. Also, be sure the limiter is positioned post fader on the master bus if you do volume automation.

Thank you very much for helping!