Tipi theme installation support (wearesupa)

Is anyone out there able to help?

I bought the theme 10 days ago.
LOVE the look. So much so, that I aimed to have my own website display the same layout and functionality as the demo model. It was NEVER meant to take 10+ days just to install, and I allowed three days to add all the content!
I lodged a support ticket with the author five days ago. I sporadically get one liners back that have nothing to do with solving the problem.
I need help connecting the blog page of my website to display on the homepage of my website, as per the demo. Despite several correspondences, the author cannot understand my request. I did get an apology that he did this theme years ago and isn’t that into it now.

I would have paid for the additional “installation fee” days ago if I had faith he would be able to help me achieve the theme as per his demo model. But I do not, judging on this experience (I have already paid for “6 months developer support” ).

I am sure it is a simple one-setting fix that I am so close to, but I still can’t get any straight answers as to which menu to make the adjustment from.

I want the theme to work as it does in the demo, with the latest blog posts showing up on the homepage (he has the demo set at 6 blog posts displayed on the homepage, I have set mine at 18).

Other purchasers have had trouble with this problem previously too (I’ve read all the other public support tickets), but I cannot find other published instructions on what menu to fix it in. I have gone through the tipi installation document countless times but no matter how many times I follow the instructions (which unwittingly jump across different topics and settings and are hopelessly vague), my website will not replicate the demo model. I feel Michael should not be allowed to sell this theme for commercial gain if he is unable to install it himself or provide adequate instruction on how to install it.

I have tried several attempts to get an answer through the support tickets and writing to Envato. I really want this theme to work as advertised. Does anybody have any suggestions?

Not sure if this is you’re looking for but you can purchase the installation service or check the service out from the link below: