Tip to send the files

I need your help on how to send the files to be approved. Since they send what they send everything they reject it. Claiming “lack of quality” being my files similar in quality to many of those that are for sale. I would like to know the steps or tips on how to send them. Thank you.

The steps involved in sending files is irrelevant if the design/code etc. quality and originality is not there.

If you mean advice on how to improve your chances of approval then:

  1. Look at what’s for sale already - not so hat what you produce is similar but more to understand the level of quality, detail and standards required to sell here

  2. Fine tune your fundamental skills and awareness of best practice in whatever field your item falls

  3. Always ask yourself why someone would want to buy your item over choosing a free download or even another file for sale on envato

  4. If you are struggling to see why items are rejected or be fully subjective then share example links to your submissions in these forums so that you can get feedback from more experienced members.

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Hi, Thank you very much for writing. Attached examples.