TinyMce4 responsive file manager

I stumbled on this great looking responsive image and filemanager for tinymce 4

I already added some code to it and helped the developer and perhaps if more developers are involved this good be a great image and filemanager.
At this moment I think it still needs a little tweaking.

So join in :slight_smile:

Disappointingly, its released under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License, which means we may not use it for commercial purposes.

I know but this is on his website

You can get the author's permission to use Responsive Filemanager for commercial websites by making a free donation on below paypal button - See more at: http://www.responsivefilemanager.com/#sthash.29q0zlYb.dpuf

Iā€™m Alberto Peripolli,
I understand your disapproval, but i work hard in this project and is the only method to receive some donation. Already in this way i receive only few donation because the code is open in github.