tinyMCE not defined

Recently I came across of a some type of bug with a plugin, it is the first time I saw this and I don’t know how to solve it.

In a wordpress installation of a client when trying to use the tinyMCE in the admin section in the console I see tinyMCE not defined and the code breaks, checking the page source indeed the tinyMCE.js is not added which is wired.

I add it manually but still the error tinyMCE not defined is still there.

Andy advice is appreciate it.

Thank you.


I think something wrong with coding that’s why showing error in coding (tinyMCE not defined). If only js file missing then on browser console will show js file not found error. Another thing can be in js coding tinyMCE not defined before using it. Please contact with plugin author and let them know. They will assist you.


I am the plugin developer:) but this never happened before and I have 25.000 sales, I simply don’t get it.

Then you are the Boss to find the mistake because you know evrything about your coding. just a small try to send you in right track please check the error is coming from the js file or from the wp plugin php coding. Assuming the error is coming from the js where you have used tinyMCE but before call you din’t assigned tinyMCE. Thanks

I potesd there because I need help, I have exausted all options, asking for other develpper that might have this issue to give me a hint in how to solve this.

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Another 1 try:
Please check your coding where you Registers the script if $src provided (does NOT overwrite), and enqueues it ( wp_enqueue_script ), may be your tinyMCE not loading. Please be noted (I know you are a expert developer) $handle: (string) (Required) Name of the script. Should be unique.

Thank you for your tip, I already did that with now effect this is why I am very very confused, must be some type of bug or setting in my client wordpress version or some server setting but I have no idea what.

If you think something going wrong in your client server then you can ask them to Re-install the wordpress from wp-admin Dashboard => Updates. Some cases this process can fix issues.