Time via clock sound


I was looking at my sfx portfolio and the inspiration hit me to create this small song.

What di you think ?



Hi @sodasi_web Sounds simple, easy. I think, this clock isn’t suitable in this mix. This is more inspirational track in corporate category. Maybe you add some guitars and drums (shaker, tambourine, etc.), make more humanise piano - will make the standard corporate? This will be better than now. Well, these are just my thoughts :slight_smile: Good luck man :thumbsup:


I also notice that the piano is a bit strange. I usually make sounds, and leave it for few days, then when I return I can see what is wrong

Thank you very much for your feedback.


Nice work , but remake only drum part and enjoy )


If it was my project I would changed this clock sounds to shaker and added some strings. Though nice track! =)