Time to be humble.. finally Elite!



I am not one to show off or boast with these kind of threads at all, and i promised myself not to post when i hit 4000 sales or any of those kind of achievements… but this one is just too amazing and quite special to me.

I have become a Elite Author!

puts on a Oscar award winning face: I have so many people i want to thank. Obviously Envato for making this possible… my buddy and partner in crime @MartijndeBont. Offcourse @gballx for his endless amount of pics of him in a dress… and offcourse the one true God that helped me through this all:

David Hasselhoff.

I signed up in 2014 and created some tracks without knowing what I wanted to create… without knowing the market… without knowing what would sell and what would not… without knowing my clients and what they needed.
I just did some cinematic and corporate tracks, threw them online and they started to sell for some reason :wink:
I remember the first month selling 12 dollars and i was amazed that people were actually buying my music.
I then started learning all of the above mentioned points and on top of that, one of my tracks got featured (again thanks Envato!) and things really started to pick up.
It took me a while to find a niche, a genre where i would feel at home and could write tracks in for the years to come.
I could even give up my dayjob a 3 years later and fully live from the audiojungle income… which is a great, great and proud moment for me personally.

And now i am at this point, not knowing what is to come and if i can keep doing this forever due to many reasons out of my control.
But i am very happy and humbled by all of this, and it is once again such a privilege to wake up in the morning with a cup of coffee and go to my little studio next to the bedroom to do what i like to do most… create music!
It will always have its up and downs… but it is beyond great to actually create a living with what you like to do the most.

Okay… i am done… cheers all!




Brilliant news my friend and very well deserved.


Thanks Eliho


Thanks Graham!


Congrats @RobertSlump! Great achievement!

Best wishes!


Thanks Marian!


Congrats :tada: :champagne:


Congrats! And awesome journey. Very inspiring.


Congrats man and well deserved! Killer music and very inspiring.



Thank you all @Wolf_Music @KingDog @orbiterred!


Congrats Robert! You truly deserve it! :sunglasses:


Thank you very much @PurpleFogSound!


Congratulations mate.


Thanks @LongXmusic


Amazing milestone, Robert. And so well deserved. Congratulations!


Thanks for the kind words @WormwoodMusic


Hey Robert,

Time to change your name :sunglasses: !

Big congrats!


Congrats! Great music in your portfolio and a cool attitude about your achievement too! :sunglasses:

Doesn’t read like boasting at all, more like genuine happiness. Wish you a bright future! :sunny:


Gefeliciteerd buurman :slight_smile: