Time taken in Approval ?



Can someone tell me how much time is taken to approve the author codes to get them live on CodeCanyon ?



It really does vary on the marketplace and the category. Generally speaking on Code Canyon, I’ve found it to be around the 4-5 day mark, but one or two items have been held for 7-8 days due to requiring someone else to look into it.

If you’re updating a file, then I’ve found it to be around 1-2 days.

All in all, it really does depend on a lot of things, and the only solid answer is ‘as long as it takes’



I would say that average is 2 - 3 days.


Depend upon the numbers of item which is already in queue for review in the respective category in which you submitted your item for the review.

More the item more the time.

Commonly 2-3 days as mordauk said.

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Usually I get mine approved in 2 days, but it can take longer if the queue is big, they need to review each script… But never passed 3 days.