Time taken for Wordpress theme review?


From the forum, I came to know that 2 days is the current average wait-time for review.

I submitted my theme for review 4 days ago. But since it was Friday evening, I am only counting days from Monday.

Am I counting the time correctly? And wait for 2-3 more days or is this unusual?

Actually impossible to say as there is no guaranteed review time, but your item should be reviewed as soon as possible. for weekend, volume of review items etc cause delay. please keep patience you will get review email soon. Thanks

Thank you so much for clarifying. I totally understand. Feeling a little guilty of starting this topic too soon. Is too excited about my new product.

Same here! first i was re-submit my WordPress theme 5 days ago. then no result. then after deleting and resubmit now it is day three is going on:slight_smile:

Hello! I have the same problem. It’s been 6 days, and nothing happens. I think it will be fixed soon.

Hope so. It’s been 6 days for me too. Hope the team is fine in these uncertain pandemic times.

5 days for me too. We’re all in the same boat. Even though i’ve seen a couple WordPress themes get accepted in the past few days, and the review page says 1 day for new items in the WordPress category. Oh well

It’s been 9 days for me now. Has anyone of you received any reply yet?

It’s frustrating - actually it has been way longer than this in past.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done - it’s a very tough time for envato, and the delays are only partly down to things under their control. They will get to it ASAP.

If anyone wants community feedback/thoughts in the interim then it might be worth sharing demo links here

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I love how you are trying to start a conversation, really.

Here’s my theme thats in review. Thoughts?

Go easy on me :rofl:


:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

It’s pretty good and the HTML has decent sales

It’s such a crowded space I would consider ways to make it differentiate…

  • make alternative versions other than just pizza and maybe paly up the fact that it’s super adaptable to any different food type (I know that this is possible but people need this spelling out to them)

  • consider ‘feature’ or ‘promotion’ pages/pop-ups/widgets etc. (this would be practically very useful for an actual business using the theme)

  • your category navigation on Home 2 is much nicer than on the default menu where it reloads

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Hey charlie,

Thanks for the tips, added to trello already :stuck_out_tongue:

Also not sure if its just me, but i like to submit a product with the bare minimum that would make it a product with good enough features to get it past the review, then i start rolling in the updates.

Will probably consider something like a burger joint, or sushi restaurant, will see where this goes. But again thanks :smiley:

Same here. 11 days for me too. :frowning_face: :frowning_face: :frowning_face:

It’s been 18 days for me now. Has anyone else heard from the review team yet?

15 days

I’m not sure how with the current backlog and volume of submissions the review schedule can still be 1 day. Indicative as it is, it’s still over 1500% wrong. Surely it’s fair and reasonable to expect the review time to reflect the current situation?

Screenshot_2020-06-30 Envato Marketplace Review Times

I’ve mentioned elsewhere; I have no problem waiting and appreciate the work the reviewers do, just let me know realistically how long that wait will be.

On a lighter note, the wait has not been all bad. I’ve started a new theme, read a few books, submitted my tax return, finished some DIY jobs and enjoyed some time in the sun. Silver linings…

100% agree on everything you said. I myself have given some time to start building a DIY pool in my garden, focusing on other technologies i will be using in future theme updates, and so on. However, an official time would be nice for a change, since it’s been 18 days for me too

I have a WP theme submission since 5 days, so I guess I’ll have a reply in July ( if I’lm lucky ) :))
Anyone has gotten a reply yet?

We all are in the same boat, it seems.

My wildest guess is that since the mid-year SALE is going on, they are holding new themes till it ends. Sale will end on July 1st. So let’s see if we start getting approvals from tomorrow onward. :crossed_fingers:

I don’t think that’s the case, because I have seen multiple themes go live in the past 18 days and they are not related to the mid-year sale.

Also, on another note, I also know authors who uploaded their products after mine, and got a response before me, so I’m getting kinda curious about why this is happening.