Time slot reservation system

Dear forum users,

I am looking for a Museum reservation system.

We are a non-profit organization that manages 6 museums.

Due to the corona virus, we are only allowed to admit a few people to our museums. for this i am looking for a plugin for wordpress.
This plugin should be able to:
-make reservations where people have to provide their name, telephone number, address, etc.
-people must agree to the conditions (that they are healthy)

  • the plugin must take into account how many people may be in the museum.
    for example, 30 people are allowed in the museum, people stay an average of 1.5 hours. if there are 30 new guests at 13:00, no new people can arrive before 14:30.

Example 2: If 20 new guests arrive at 13:00 and 10 new guests arrive at 13:30, 20 new guests can be added at 14:30.

Does anyone have a plugin for that?

With kind regards,

Gerrit van der Laag
Technical service Ameland museums.
The Netherlands

Do you really think that you will find out of box solution?

There are so many plugins so it is worth a shot?

Time slots can be achieved with WooCommerce plugins and with some fairly basic level of custom work

However, logistically it’s going to be impossible unless this is your only way of gaining access.

The tickets will have to be be for set start times and the website will not be able to caveat the number of people turning up directly not via the website, or what times they do that.