Time slot management get hard rejected.

I have submitted a time slot management system built in laravel, and jQuery.

This project can also be used in existing web applications built in laravel.

In this project, the user can manage/book their time daily and can have a weekly overview.

I have added detailed documentation.
I have also attached separate files for integration in an existing project.
Also added illustrations for preview.

Here are the images of time slot management.

Can anybody help me with what could be the reason for rejection?

Thanks in advance.

I think you should add a live demo link, looking at preview images for this type of project is almost impossible to tell how it works.

This functionality is more or less readily available in anyone’s email

What does yours offer that makes it premium or like something user would want to have to use separate from email etc.

Also what happens if someone needs to block out multiple days - looks like it only accommodates time slots on one day at a time

Provide a live demo link so that we can check it from our end. Then only we can tell where to improve.