Time past 9 days but no approval

My new project still in queue 9 days but no approval, Please any body tell me. How much time to take this procedure? I am worried

check out this for the time that is required: http://quality.market.envato.com/videohive
I think you ll have an answer soon.

Thanks for your support “videologio”

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Mine is on its 11 day que :sweat_smile: end of year busy que I guess… Lets hope for the best :pray:

videologio Sey
check out this for the time that is required: http://quality.market.envato.com/videohive2

Mine is on 12 day queue

53 days for a videohive item ? This is reaaaaaly absurd… And should not be happening at the level of envato. Hire more reviewers O_x Really nasty stuff. This shows how much envato appreciate their authors and their work. I really don’t understand why. You are a multi million dollar company and you cannot afford more reviewers ?

Mine 12 Days !! i don’t know what happened to review time, it was about 8Days a months a go now it jumped to 53 :confused:

53 is videohive average, for the after effects template it is 12-13 days I guess.

That is correct but it is still insane… that is half a month mate O_x Envato is so restricted nowadays.

I think Envato have less number of reviewer :frowning:

Took too much time to do review.

Do you guys ever look out the window and generally watch what’s going on around(or at least just read main review time thread) ? Now there were holidays, which were followed by weekends, the reviewers on vacation. I’m sure soon everything will be restored to the standard 5-7 days.

I agree with you

Same thing for me this is my 10th day wating for an after effects project to be reviewed. But you know what pending is better than hard rejection :slight_smile:

Really? What percentage of vh authors knew that there were holidays? You get angry that people ask why review time has increased considerably, really?
Envato should make a blog/news feed where it keeps authors up to date with what’s going on.

And also Envato should do projects for people, since they write that their sales have fallen. But the last work they did just 2 years ago.
Working here people should watch for themselves these things.

Your logic is flawed, not going to explain why. Go write some other comments, but on youtube.

A good dialectic move - is to say that there is no logic in the opponent’s words. Nice.

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