Tim Tams

So I’m Bali, and it turns out they sell Tim Tams here! Wanting to have a taste of ‘Elitedom’, I picked up a pack… went for the standard chocolate variety. No cheese versions unfortunately.

I have to say, I wasn’t that impressed. As a chocolate biscuit, there’s nothing really wrong with them… but they’re no Penguin. Penguins have a higher soft chocolate filling centre, which helps to offset the dryness of the biscuit content, thus providing a much smoother and moister experience. Tim Tams are just a tiny bit too dry for my liking.

So I’ve decided to stop selling my stuff on Envato, as there’s just no point in me hitting that $125K mark any more. I was only making stuff for the biscuits. Now if they start sending out Penguins, maybe a box of After Eights or a multi-pack of Nik-Naks or Beef Monster Munch, then that would make it all worth while.

I’ve seen a jar of Vegemite, but it’s about $12 a tub. Not sure it’s worth the risk.


Uhh, no.

Tim Tams are better than Penguins. That’s a fact.

Are you sure you got the right ones? Were they Arnott’s? Tim Tams are never dry.

Yeah, it’s these bad boys…

They look like fakes, unless Bali has different packaging.

Could you share a picture of the actual biscuit (with a cross section of the inside)? The picture looks different.

A lot of sweets is not good for health, control yourself, @SpaceStockFootage :wink:

You don’t want a picture of them now, I can assure you, but if I get any more then I will do!

It is better to eat fruits and oatmeal ) I eat every day Is useful ))) :smiley: @SpaceStockFootage
for some time I was fascinated by the fact that eating sweet , teeth started to hurt :pensive: but now my teeth are nice ))):wink:

What will you do when you reach Level 8 and all your dreams and goals in life have been realised?

The Tim Tam Slam is life.

That it is.

Too bad I’ll have to wait til tomorrow night to hit Level 8. I literally crossed the 125k threshold one hour after the crossover.

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You sound like you’re from the UK with those food recommendations. Beef monster munch…yummmmm!