Tiling Script

I need to know if there is some type of script to create a seamless background type website.I offer them on my personal website for download.I created a basic page to display them and users have the option to preview them tiled. However I need to add tiles one at a time and code them so they will show the preview when clicked. This is very time consuming. I was hoping that a script existed that would allow you to bulk upload and still give the user the option to preview them tiled? I have very limited coding skills and have tried searching for a solution to no avail. Not sure if it just doesn’t exist or if I am just not using the correct terminology when searching.Any help would be appreciated. Thank-You

@PamBreeze If you can share your website URL, I can take a quick look to understand your needs.

TY…This is the BG site http://www.emanoncreations.com/bgtiles/cartoon_bg_tile_01.php

Pam, please contact me and I can help.

I am guessing this is what you meant. Not much of a forum person.

Contact me here https://themeforest.net/user/1easyecommerce#contact please.