Tiled Map Creator Needed!

Hey guys! I am in need of someone that can create some great looking maps in tiled. I will supply the tileset image (it’s actually several tilesets in one image). I am looking for people with an artistic eye that can create map layouts. Please send me a message here on evanto, or my email: WombatTurkey (at) gmail.com
I will reply with a download link to our Map Creation Kit (via dropbox):

It includes some information about our map data and a default sample of a map. It’s vital you read through it and read the Important Information part.

Map Size Prices:

  1. 125x125 Map Dimension (Which is 4000x4000) – 10.00$ USD Paypal only, I pay the transfer fee. (This is ideal for Towns / Large Dungeons)
  2. 60x60 Map Dimension (Which is 1920x1920) – 5.00$ USD Paypal only, I pay the transfer fee. (This is ideal for Mini Dungeons / Small Towns)


  1. Don’t post the exported JSON in this thread!
  2. Please try to send me screenshots of what you are creating so I know if I like it, and if I don’t respond, you should stop working on it. (Sorry). (You can send me message on envato, or by email)
  3. If I respond and like the layout and what you have created, I will ask for your paypal address and the JSON exported file. Then, I will send the funds!
  4. If you decide to use your own tileset with artwork that I can use commercially (CC 3.0, or Public Domain) – through attribution; I will add 0.10c per extra tile used (32x32) to the final price.

Edit: If you want your name to be at the end of our game credits for map design, just simply tell me!