TikTok and Stock Music

I’ve been going on TikTok a bit recently and have started noticing that there seems to be some stock music that’s been made available as sounds for people to use. I can confirm they’re definitely from libraries similar to AudioJungle since they have the logo of the sites they come from on the song’s artwork.

I’ve seen some posts talking about this already a bit (including AJ Exclusivity and TikTok Distribution) and it’s important to note that it seems like only non-exclusive authors can do this here, but I wanted to hear what people’s thoughts generally were surrounding putting stock music on TikTok for people to use in their clips. My initial thoughts were that it wouldn’t be such a bad idea, since you can gain some revenue from people who use your tracks and if anyone were to reupload their tiktoks to YouTube, authors could get Content ID income from that. However, I also wonder whether uploading this sort of music to services like TikTok is generally damaging to stock music, since even if authors would be able to gain some income from music being used in this way, the music would still essentially be available for free for people to use, and a single use of the song on TikTok and similar services wouldn’t give authors anywhere near the same amount of income as they would get from a license purchase. This is mainly why at least for now I’m hesitant to put anything on there, but I’m curious to see what the general consensus on putting RF/stock music on TikTok is.

EDIT: This is sort of a separate issue, but another thing I just realised is that anyone’s sound that is uploaded to TikTok can be used by someone else. Shouldn’t this mean that people can’t buy licenses from AudioJungle to use in their TikTok clips since they’d be essentially re-distributing the track to an unlimited number of other people? Maybe uploading tracks there is the only true way of protecting them if they’re used on TikTok in that case. Seems like a complex situation.



This is an interesting post !

In my case, through content ID I discover that one of my music was used in TikTok, and then full video was uploaded in Youtube.
So It’s bring to me some little revenue, but each source of income is interesting.

About the fact it could damaging stock music world, I’m not 100% sure about that, because to me, most of tiktok user are pretty young and are not always some video producer or companies who will be able to purchase some license through stock site, obviously all big compagnies are there and advertise on their products but they will pay a license in any case… (I mean by that, the aim of people there is mostly to have fun or follow trend and I guess they are not aware about all of this)

So I think the content ID + provide your music through distrokid or whatever agency to upload it there is a good idea…
It’s a bit like Spotify or Youtube to me, this is a mistake to not be part of it even if it’s not 100% perfect.

It’s protect your work in some way and it’s allow you to earn some extra revenue if someone use your track !

I uploaded only few tracks there, and it’s pretty recent so I will make some update on a long run. I’m testing.

It’s better than nothing :slight_smile:

(sry for my bad English, it’s still the morning :grinning: )

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Indeed, there is definitely something to think over with this. Redistribution is of course prohibited, and from my understanding (I’m old and have actually never checked out Tik Tok for myself, so I could be way wrong), it seems that that’s what TikTok is all about.

Any service that uses stock music and doesn’t remunerate appropriately is indeed damaging stock music and devaluates our assets even further that they’ve already been devaluated.

I don’t see what benefits an author can get, that would outweigh this devaluation. I’d be happy to be shown otherwise, but in the meantime, I’d advise caution. Some business model and emerging ecosystems are simply not compatible with copyrights and licensing. I don’t think we should give that up, simply to fit in those emerging models. Adaptation is great, but it shouldn’t be akin to renunciation.


Of course ! But more generally, there is not a great risk to test with some music and to get a broader idea. And then in the worst case it is always possible to remove the music from the different platforms.
I think that someone who wants to steal from you, no matter the platform or other, he will give himself ample means and will achieve his ends. (My Music which was used in the TikTok video was stolen but was properly register and not available on TikTok…)

About devaluation , I’m also agree, this couldn’t be a main aim to being involved in these platform, but just some door to open, check with the work you want (luckily we sill have the control on it …) and the one you don’t want and that’s it.

TikTok videos are also very far from the main standard, so it couldn’t be consider as a revolution in term multimedia contenu or anything like that. I don’t imagine this as a Youtube or Instagram platform for artistic and high quality professional work. Most of videos are really bad, and talk about nothing (I hate Tik Tok :D) It’s maybe more close to snapchat than the rest

Thanks for this.
I think at least for now I’m hesitant to put anything on there, especially since the amount you can make off TikTok distribution seems extremely low if it’s only used a few times.
Maybe if I ever have a rejected track on here that I’m reasonably proud of or if I make a track that might not be suitable for AJ I might consider putting it on there just for the sake of it as sort of an experiment as I’m curious to see what that would generate but for now I’ll mostly focus on trying to upload good music here.

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Thanks for this. Please do share the outcome of putting your tracks on there if possible - there seems to be very little information online about what musicians can get out of TikTok.

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All tracks are tailored for TikTok, for example, almost all popular tracks consist of a cool 30-second segment, and the rest of the track is not interesting to listen to. Artists of all categories, from famous to no-names, promote their tracks on this social network, some through labels, some through special services like this one SocialFollowersFree . It seems to me that the quality of the tracks will deteriorate every year.