Tiger Mascot Logo Was Hard Rejected

Anyone can tell me why my logo was rejected what’s was wrong with this and how to avoid for next submission

hi for me there is an obvious dissonance in terns of style between the tiger head and the text , they belong to different styles and look like being pasted with each other rather than being composed … I also tend to consider that there is something odd out there … look if u have a logo with a tiger the thing should rather inspire fear and aggressiveness if u want to match most of “needs” (like for sport teams for instance) and here the expression of the tiger makes us believe that the tiger is going to cry lol which definitely creates a gap between the text part and the illustration one in the process, by the way … besides, let’s also talk the talk … the font used is clearly not matching the illustration at all … in addition, the imbrication could be improved and the slanted name has very little legitimacy but instead makes the name more difficult to read rather than any other thing … finally pls keep in mind that the preview is the interface between u and your work in one side and the reviewer and hopefully potential buyers in the other one and that creating a good and efficient preview is not an option, this is mandatory so to speak … what u have right now is not really valuing the work u have done , I would recommend that u use mockups or such things so that buyers get to understand how it looks like in different contexts …

Thank You Very Much for your feedback I will improve it!

My advice is to start over again. Your tiger looks ill. If you want to create a logo based on animal then you need to capture the essence, Your tiger is shortsighted?

I think that he should opt for something looking more aggressive , a bit like some American sport team franchises something like this


Thanks again for your advice

your are welcome, if u have enough clues as regard to what to do pls, check the solution box , good work and good luck :slight_smile:

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