Tielabs is no longer responding to support. Anyone know what's going on?

Hello, everything is in the title ! I have been a client of a Tielabs theme for almost 10 years and this is the first time that this has happened: for several weeks I have no more responses to my support tikets despite the reminders and I see in the comments of the Jannah theme that I’m not the only one. Where did the team go?

Hi @isabelle44,

Please go to @TieLabs profile page and from there using the right side contact form send them a direct email. Hope author will reply you.


Thanks to you is that I also did a few days ago, but TieLabs did not respond. What else can be done?

I’m experiencing the same issue. Author is not answering to anyone. It is very bad when we don’t get any response. What could done now??

Bonjour, ils ont fini par répondre au bout d’un certain temps. Par contre il n’ y a plus de mises à jour et c’est inquiétant aussi.

Hello, they ended up responding after a while. On the other hand, there are no more updates and that is also worrying

I have a Good News!
Tie labs is back.

Tie labs team now replying to comments. They recently replied to my comments and others’ comments.