Ticket support system for Envato marketplaces

I have tried to find (and failed) a ticket support system for authors on Envato marketplaces where customers can create tickets only if their support period is valid.

Do you know of any such sites/scripts available? If not, I might create a simple, open-source one myself soon as I really need this.

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There used to be one “Supportte” theme but it’s outdated : https://github.com/syamilmj/Supportte
Not sure which version this one but the one I used to use lets only purchased customer to post

Yeah, this doesn’t seem to be what I’m looking for. I am looking just for a simple, private ticket system, with no “forum” functionalities. I just want to replace the support-by-email I’m doing now with a ticket system so I can better keep track of the open tickets and also only respond to those who actually have a valid support period.

Let me know if you code one, I may need one as well

Check out our support ticket plugin, it does exactly what you are looking for.

We use it for our themes and revolution slider team are also using it now :slight_smile:

Can it be used such that users can’t create a ticket unless they have a valid purchase code?

Sure can :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

If you are still looking for a support system, I’ve recently launched the Support Hub private beta program. You can see more about it on https://support-hub.io :slight_smile:


Hi, everyone

If you are looking for self-hosted ticket system for Envato authors then check Auxilium Help Desk.
It full-filled all the requirements of Envato authors.