Ticket gets no response in Envato Elements :(

I am deeply saddened to inforn that because of the lack of response from Envato we have faced a significant loss of important data and customers. The lack of responses is absurd and makes no sense as the product itself is fine (Envato elements).

Our companys account was registered with an email account that expired and is not in use anymore. This meant that we cannot login anymore. We have paid for the licence, yet we have no means to log into our account. We cannot change the login details as its logged in with google, and that google account doesnt exist.

I have sent 2 tickets so far with no success. Neither is there any contat number or email. Just ticket. I even sent the tickets when I was logged in as a customer, but now its all gone as Ive auto logged out.

To be honest I dont know why I even write this here. I dont know if Envato people even read these messages. But I have no other option but this anymore. To warn customers what will face you in the case like this.

I even have my credit card registered. I dont know if the payments still continue in the future as I have no means to cease the contract.

So if theres anyone out there. Please give me an envato email that replies to my problem.

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