Thumbz-Motion(mogrt) Hard rejected for quality, need help

Hi guys, I have been working for a long time to make this product ready. I worked rigorously on this project with passion and a goal. It contains 25 highly customizable mogrt files. It has useful features like Auto Resize, Full font support, Animation controls, Grid Spacing controls and background presets for more information please check the documentation and take a look for preview video. I don’t know what I need to do at this point. Soft rejection could be more friendly at this time. Don’t hesitate to criticise the project and please give me some tips to get approval. I don’t quit easily. Thanks for your help.

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Hey, trully sorry for the rejection, I know how painful it is to work on something for a long time and get it thrown out to the trash can…

As for your project, I like it, the style and animation. Animation is very smooth. But I think it got rejected cause maybe the title design itself is a bit too simple and perhaps there’s already many very similar projects approved already?

I quickly checked newly approved and selling Premiere Pro titles and most of them seem to be a bit more complex or doing something a bit more, than just having straight plain text sitting on a plain/gradient color cube. Take a look below:

Although I must say I love your minimal design, it’s very well done. But you know this is a market and sometimes the nicest perfectly spaced minimal approach doesn’t cut it. Cause likely it’s been done before. Unless you combine that familiar minimal text with something trully new. Like adding some auto resizing feature, when previously there were no such projects. Or add some crazy spin to it with very weird yet cool camera movements around that minimal text, or somehow else spice up the project in some area. Then you’re ok with using even the simplest already seen layouts and designs. And I think that’s how our stars as BOXED were born.

So I guess maybe if you focused on creating much more creative and crazy titles for those thumbnails, you could get approved. Or if you really go crazy with camera work, parallax or some other part of the project. Although if you would combine all of these togetger the project could be a bomb! As long as it’s all cohesive and each part compliments each other nicely. As the documentation and execution of everything seems to be stellar! Really nice job.

Also, in your mogrt file consider also including the After Effects file used to create the mogrt. I think it would be cool to have a feature where you could import some logos, even software logos, for repeating tutorial series thumbnails for that software lets say.

So you could import the logo into AE mogrt setup, save it out as a mogrt, and later in Premiere Pro you could only change up the mogrts title design/text/colors etc without having to fiddle with the logo.

Or I guess what I’m getting at is to think of how users would use this project. Maybe they would like to customzie your mogrt files and create their own “templates” to use in projects, with theit specifit logos for each video topic and so on.


P.S. if you wouldn’t have posted this I wouldn’t have went to browse newly approved premire pro titles… where I found my own unreleased project already making sales!! :rofl: Some thief uploaded it under their “exclusive” account :rofl: Thanks for helping me bring down one ************ :wink: (already reported to Envato)


First of all, thanks for your time. You wrote a novel for me. You helped a lot with kind words and suggestions. Yeah, it is really hard to know this project was hard rejected. Soft rejection could be more reasonable for me to improve package without changing branding etc… Do I have any chance to object this decision for re-evaluation? If I have a right to do that I want to do.

Yeah, familiarity could be a problem. When I first tried to upload a product which is not ready at that time received much more explanatory hard rejection than this one for what I need to do and it helped for clarity. But there was no additional explanation for this rejection. Product quality increased maybe 10x since by then. Is there any possibility for automated rejection like ai or something like that? I just want to make sure that, if there is a glimpse of a chance I’ll go for it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your all suggestions I noted them in my database.

No you can’t protest the rejection so to say. Well you can but nothing will change from that. It’s rejected and that’s it, sadly. AI’s aren’t reviewing projects, yet :rofl:

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