Thumbs up for the new banner!

Thumbs up for the new banner! Hopefully these sale pages are here to stay and will be advertised as these are beneficial to us all! :wink: Banner takes you here btw Each marketplace has one I guess! Cheers! :slight_smile:

Hi @dzeriho

As far I know that banner is only for Cyber Monday nominated Items. If you click on you will see only nominated Items list there and also you will see a message that:
But hurry, discounts are at author’s discretion and can end at any time.

So, I think this banner will not stay always. After a time period banner will be removed.


Hey, no it isn’t about Cyber Monday, it’s a new thing :slight_smile: Cyber Monday landing page is this one And the banner is surely different. These are on-sale pages for marketplaces. It’s pretty good, we’ll see! :slight_smile:


I didn’t mean Cyber Monday I meant those Items are same as those was nominated in Cyber Monday. Do you know how Items listed there. I mean how Item has gotten nominate in new banner link page?

I am very much expecting reply from @BenLeong


Hi @mgscoder & @dzeriho :slight_smile:

The new Sales pages are the latest version of this test (originally limited to WordPress items), now active on five marketplaces.

Items on those pages aren’t all the same ones that were nominated for Cyber Monday - the pages are set up to automatically pull in a selection of content that currently meets our sale pricing criteria (stable price for 30+ days, followed by a price reduction). It’s designed to refresh several times each day, with a random selection of content that meets the criteria.

As it’s all automated, there is no need to request addition to the page - if you have items in the sales categories that currently meet the promotional pricing rules, your items will start gaining some additional exposure via the new sales pages.

The original version lived on the ThemeForest navigation bar. We’re trialling new ways of making that content visible to customers at the moment: there’s a Header Bar (banner) active on most marketplaces, our inactive campaign landing pages now link to the sale pages, and there are other promotions on the way. The promotional methods will keep changing over the next few months, but we’re intending to keep the Sales pages active.


Something is not working right, as there are many items there with the same amount for the “was” price and the “now” price.

Also, a permanent sale page being advertised on top of our items… thus trying to cannibalize our sales… yay!

Hi @dzeriho

I think we have got answered from @BenLeong for this topics. So I think this topics has solved by @BenLeong. Am I right @dzeriho