Thumbnail Previews on Evnato are too small

I often buy stock images and assets from other sites, but avoid buying from Photodune and GraphicRiver because the thumbnail previews are too small. It’s just too frustrating hovering over tiny thumbs, waiting for the larger previews.

On a page like this they’re only 80x80

Compare that with Adobe Stock and I can see big beautiful previews.

To make it more frustrating some products don’t even have a preview. The thumbnail will be a some kind of branding or text overlay.

It’s really annoying when your have to spend hours scanning through 1000s of images.

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Agree. Even the CEO Admit that :smiley:

But they simply can’t change that now… However try which got some beautiful big images.

Thanks for the link. I think they must be loosing a small fortune in sales, if customers can’t clearly scan the products. It would be in everyone’s best interest to find a solution.

Cc’ing a Staff for an official reply


We agree that the UX for Photodune needs some love. What works on other Market sites doesn’t translate well to image heavy sites like PhotoDune. And I agree that 80x80 icons are not ideal :smiley:

Changes are in the works, but no firm timeline yet. Thanks!