Thumbnail image resolution

I’m in need of a kind soul to tell me how to have my image thumbnails to appear clearly in their original high resolution?

The images i uploaded are high resolution so i’d asked the theme developer why the images appear blurred.

He told me: “I need to change the image dimensions defined in the theme”

I experimented by changing the thumbnail sizes in the media - image settings but nothing appears to have changed.

Thanks for any help offered in advance!

Hey, Mattthetrep!

You should install this plugin
Then navigate to Tools -> Rebuild Thumbnails and rebuild all of them. (And don’t close the tab before the plugin finishes rebuilding thumbnails).
That’s it, you should have quality images as thumbnails!

I’m really surprised that the author of this theme didn’t know that WordPress don’t automatically rebuild thumbnails on theme change.

Hope this helps and good luck with your website. :smile: