Three slogans of high quality cost me work for a week was rejected the same minute ???

Well I objected to the way the reviewer does, I submitted three high quality slogans that are unavailable, very accurate and nicely organized. The reviewer rejected them with ease and the e-mail was sent almost the same minute, I think he didn’t check it at all. Anyone here, but the work is audited here according to the length of stay here and not by the level of work a lot of work submitted by high-quality, but superior to many designers here and meet with rejection and some strongly rejected. ?

If you need feedback, you should show your “high quality” design

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LOL i have personally never heard about any hard rejection related to a slogan issue lol i thunk the real issue is the design … lol besides, i use to help him with all kind of rejected items before so i guess the hard rejection is once again because the design really needs additional care and improvement …

Not a personal matter but a shortening of references

@romlam @n2n44

hi the first one is very good illustration wise and concept wise if u ask me … though the typo is not original enough and not combining fonts enough for here , i think …

the second one is ok concept wise though the big red shape behind, this is hard to understand what this is standing for (it looks like a shield but what for?) … the typo is super flat , supe basic , not punchy , not original and completely lacking combinations and relief indeed. Globally this logo is flatter though u could make this one reach the next level if u can introduce some relief , play with the pathfinder or something like this so that the general style is more trendy or modern

te third one
for me this one is too detailed for here … they consider the logo in very small shape and this kind of complex shape-based logo is normally not looking good in very small size. Once again the typo is way too flat and basic

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What can I do to solve the problem of the first and second logo

Thank you my friend, see all what I submit to the references after a day or two strongly rejected, can you explain this, I have seen the level of work that I am tired of all this

rework the typo lol what else u want to do ? lol

lol how do u have this type of message in your case? lol never seen this before … u are one of a kind lol