Three-page PDF booklet?


I subscribe to Creative Cloud as I use After Effects and Premiere Pro regularly. I also subscribe to Envato Elements.

I would like to make a professional looking booklet. The kind that one might see in a press kit. Which Creative Cloud program and Envato Elements template types should I use? Pretty clueless in this area. I have extremely light-use skills in Photoshop.

Thanks so much

On Adobe you would be best to use InDesign but to be fair you may well find some interesting templates on elements that use Photoshop or Illustrator.

On elements search in graphic templates - print templates : Download 80471 Print Templates - Envato Elements

I will try it out. Thanks so much!

To be clear, even though I wish to use this PDF booklet electronically for the most part (to email clients), is it still under “print templates” (PSD) that I would likely find the best templates? Thank you

Might you be able to please refer me to a tutorial on working with the PSD brochure templates? Thank you

That still the right category - a pdf is a print template, what you do with it is separate.

Indesign (INDD) is the right format but if you are new then PSD may be easier to work with.

Thanks so much.
Could you please suggest a tutorial?
I am unsure of even the basic eg . “place image here” (?)

The issue is that each item is likely to be setup differently and software like this is such a big topic that it’s impossible to find niche tutorials that are applicable generically.

The best option is to find a template (in whatever software format) that you like the look of, download it, and have a play around.

If you get stuck on particular aspects then you can Google how to do a specific action

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Will do-- Thanks!