Three additions to Audiojungle.

1. For convenience, customers can make additional functions to the audio player.

If the client liked what the track, he will have to download the preview and test it on your computer.
But with this feature he will be able to do the analysis online. The voice will read some verse and at this time is play music.
the client will be easier to determine suitable track for him or not.

2.Reverse tags.

To make an additional function in the search engine.
I enter “tags” piano, guitar, etc. tracks yousee in the description these words do not appear.
this will help those who are looking for electronic track but doesn’t want to he hears in it a piano.

3.Recognize Audiojungle

It is high time to make a program for “Audiogram” which will find (recognize) the music in the service.
the program need to search a video “YouTube” and other services is a must!


It’s From the Section - Innovation. It’s a Super Idea That Will Make it Easy for Choosing a Music File :globe_with_meridians:
The question is what is needed for this?

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Great idea! But who will do this and when? :slight_smile:

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The proposal. If it is like possible to implement it.

Let’s hope that someone reads this topic and pays attention to it.