Threatend by a purchaser of my template - What do I do about his threating me

I got this email from a user and need help as to what to do… I have helped him to understand ( in a nice way) that the speed of the site is due to his modifications of the code… He then sends this Threatening email:

e: [ThemeForest] Message sent via your Envato Market profile from --------
Give me a refund or I will make sure it costs you more than $15

After that then he posts to my profile a one star… How are we supposed to handle threatening persons like this? So who controls this ? What do you think ? Should I contact the authorities over this ? Has anyone dealt with something similar to this type of situation and how do you protect yourself from threatening person such as this… Any help or direction would be appreciated…


Looks like a blackmail. Ignore them. Leave them alone with their anger.

PS: Your item for $15 looks really cool.

Thanks for the complement… One thing that worries me is that I work hard to maintain a good response with my customers and this person has threatened me and lowered my rating… Is there not anything Envato does to unscrupulous persons like this ?

submit a request to envato,

They might remove the rating.

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+1 speak to envato (then ignore and block them) - they may remove the rating and/or speak to the buyer

Thanks all for the support ! This is much appreciated… BTW which link is it that I use ? Not sure as there are so many…



Thanks Charlie!!! Very much appreciate it…

Hopefully they can stop persons like this from trying to Cyber Bully people and threaten them… It’s disgusting!

I had the same thing happen to me. I contacted Support, and they removed all of his threatening comments (he was threatening me via the item’s comments) and his 1 star rating, and from what I understood disabled/blocked his account for violating the TOS.

So yup, contact Support, they can help.

Thanks for the information ! Hopefully they will see that the same thing has happened here and take care of it… BTW how can you block his messages now ? Is it only envato that can stop them from showing up on your dashboard ?



You can only flag them, and wait for Envato to respond.

Thanks… I followed through with that… Thanks again for the information!