Thread locked because of freebie?

Continuing the discussion from First item rejected, now it's free.:

I’m sorry, but I don’t see anywhere in the linked TOS where it prohibits freebies. Please explain why you locked and hid my thread.

(Edit - it is in the forum rules now, and has always been a rule listed in the Envato Help Desk)

Yeah, gotta obey those unwritten rules :relaxed:

Envato has been contacted directly, they will decide.

Read this

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emptied and deleted


emptied and deleted

It’s in the TOS now WOW. I’m seeing what kind of place this is. Gotta say, I feel pretty singled out here. Bet you’re loving it though. First post, first item… getting to shut me down before I get the chance to shine. I bet this is a great day for you people. Even the mods and Envato themselves are against me!

Changed the rules overnight JUST FOR ME. Wow I’m special.

Yes I just added back in there. It was in our previous forum rules but we figured it was common sense that a market where authors sell items would not appreciate links to free files of similar items they’re trying to sell.


You might wanna double check and make sure ALL of the rules are listed this time. Not everyone has the same common sense. I for one don’t mind giving free items because we have dozens of items to offer… which we probably shouldn’t try to submit after this (if we are to be stifled at every turn).

Seems to also upset other authors if someone makes something (better || (competitive && cheaper)) if an item they are trying to sell is similar in some way. But I won’t get into that little marketplace quirk.