Thoughts on Pagecloud and The Grid..should developers worry?

Just thought Id start the discussion that has been on my mind since wix started. Im sure you have seen the grid and what pagecloud is - they say they are changing the web. Do you think this threatens themes? Wordpress and other CMS platforms? Im trying to find an argument if a client brings it up. Is there any good articles out there on this subject?

I’ve had a close eye on both of these and what I find most amazing is how they are able to get so many people to drop $100 without actually seusing so much as even an “Alpha” version (though they are running a small beta). They definitely boast some pretty killer features but I will wait until I can play with them before I worry too much.

I am always a little leery when I hear companies saying “revolutionary this” and “artificial intelligence that” but I guess we’ll see :smile:

Here is an interesting read:


I think in near future more web developers will be providing their own Saas like Wix or Pagecloud. With platform such as … this is more achievable than before.

Why meteor makes this more achievable than before ?

Imho … ease of maintaining an app.

Prototyping app features locally, then deploying for production (browser & mobile) is simplified. Using one language on client & server.

I think it’s perfect for small companies. Reduces complexity tremendously.

Yes, Meteor rocks, I can’t wait to see it get more adoption and traction, keeping an eye on some interesting CMSs built with it :smile:

As with all other developments in the - still young - web world things will change and as tech progresses we’ll need to move with it. My opinion is that - if they get it right - Saas services will slowly take away some marketshare from traditional CMS themes, however it will take some time and there will still be plenty of use cases where they haven’t matured enough to become competitive.

I wouldn’t worry too much just yet.

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Why pay $ 100 for a non profesional template, developed by you, instead of paying 15-20 dollars for a HTML5 template created by a profesional team, or 50-60 dollars for a WordPress theme with unlimited updates? This is the big question…many programs on the market are made for creating websites…so, in my view, developers should not worry about…

The Grid is with 99% likelihood a huge scam, so I wouldn´t worry about that.
As for PageCloud or any other system that allows the enduser to be the captain of their own website; there´s a huge difference between being able to easily edit and control your own website, and having the ability to build a website that works, helps your business, looks good and helps your branding etc.
Same thing with virtual instruments: you may be able to get a plugin or sample library that gives you an 80-man string section at your fingertips, but that isn´t the same as being able to make it sound great or writing great music.

Bottom line: I wouldn´t worry too much. People stilll need great design, inspiration and solutions that work :slight_smile:

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PageCloud is here now… the Grid is not. You can get support from other like users who are just starting with this amazing platform. We now have a very interactive Facebook group, for all of us venturing onto this platform, with 100 new members joining just yesterday. Please join up so we can all collaborate & perhaps even have power in making changes & fixes occur as we discover them. It’s a great place to learn before you pony up and buy.

Markets always change and people always adapt. So long as talented people can provide value, it will be worth something. I wouldn’t worry but rather be happy it’s exciting :slight_smile:


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