Thoughts about Improve Reviewing System

I just would like to share some ideas about reviewing system that i really would like to see it on ground. My suggestion would be improve the review system by set grades for disproved projects so at least authors will know how far they are from the final stage. In that case he will be on the right track rather than searching and digging everything again and again with no luck. Also additional to that categorize the grading like,

Design ------- 50%
Coding level -----------30%
Creativity ------------20%

Total Grades 36.5% -------- Which mean Hard Reject

Something like it help much more

I hope it will be taken in the consideration for future projects

What do you think?


Good +1.

But Envato check the Design first and then Design seems good they moved to Coding review. It takes a lot’s time both authors and reviewers. We need some good decision on that process.

Good Solution needed for both reviewers and authors.

My Suggestion:

They need to review both Design & Coding in one Review (If it seems Soft Rejected).

I know some reviewers has don’t know Design and Some Reviewers Don’t know Coding. But item should reviewed Both of this 2 Reviews. Let me explain.

  1. Item Received.

  2. Item Bad (Don’t look so good and similiar too freebie :P, Note: It’s example). Go Hard Reject.

  3. Item Good but need improvements. Go to Step 4.

  4. Design is reviewing: Design Reviewer checked and need some unique and your item is too similar or need to improve some section with detail. Note: Details written on on that Item. Go to Step 5:

  5. Coding is reviewing: Coding Reviewer checked some function error or Unit Test problem and also Theme Check issues and also Warning, Notice etc then Details also written on that Item.

  6. Senior Reviewer checks this work and add or remove additional Comments or details on Item and them send Author to Email.

  7. Author Checked email and fixed all things Send back Item to Envato.

  8. If Author really fixed then Go Step 9. If it’s Bad then go to Step 2.


Boom so much time saved on the Author Item Review Process.

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Compare to last year. I think Envato has improved their review proceed.

  • better responses
  • prefer soft reject than hard reject
  • longer time
  • More low quality items recently

you must work with TF team :slight_smile: . GREAT tips. but they don’t care all they want is mony . do you know that TF Review Process now takes 23 days ??.