This was just you think because it's to wild or because of mix/master?

How do you see track being used in a commercial setting?

maybe some fashion/artsy thing…

To which category did you submit? Some are more forgiving than others.

Too experimental, strange sounds for a commercial project. Good ideas, but it’s like a more personal project…
I can see you enjoyed a lot doing this! :slight_smile: But you need to do some more popular and understandable things.

Good luck!

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This would be great for some fashion thing but there are few things which are lowering commercial quality. In my opinion of course.

  • to much rhythmical movement, to much layback/anticipation in drums/percussion
  • a lack of typical bass line / low frequency layer isn’t “typical”
  • some instruments sound little cheesy, like lead in the middle

Honestly a lot boils down to usability. As gballx mentioned, it is all about Envato thinking whether it can be used commercially. I try to use the description to pin point what kind of uses customers can get out of it and what kind of stories or scenes it matches. What was your description? accept or reject is sometimes dependent on this.

Nice stuff and good creation, I agree with RedOctopus but,you still can edit your track and make it more understandable be sure to remove the download option from SoundCloud.