This unclear rejections

Im have this problem and as i see - many others.
Unclear rejection with unknown reasons. Its less then 50% approve ratio. Very rare “soft rejection with reason”, most of them - hard rejection. Funny - most of my rejected template/mock-up and PS styles its bestsellers with thousands of sells on other stock.
Its looks like editor just blind pick most of works for reject. Of course, its very demotivate to continue work. Better spend my time for other place.

I have 99% approval rate. Show us what are you uploading, maybe I can tell what’s wrong.

Thanks for your reply.
For example

Unclear things - some of same quality works approved. Its really looks like blind picks.

all of these items are simple.

I can make all of this within a day - so why should I buy this and pay for this. Make something which takes days to make, then I want to save my time and I will buy your works :slight_smile:

You incredible fast working :). Thanks for your opinion