This track that I love was rejected, what do you think was the reason?

Hello friends,
here’s a track I actually enjoyed creating and listening to and generally was very happy with.
Unfortunately it was rejected by AudioJungle.
What do you think might be the reason for it?

Hey Alon,

Nice track, but it seems to be based on loops. This might be the reason for rejection. Also, it’s rather experimental, combining jazzy funky guitar licks, and the analog poly-synth brass.

Maybe you could use these elements to create a 10-15 seconds long logo.

Good luck!

Sounds like someone practicing guitar over a 90s video game… Very cool guitar playing, but I think this has little commercial value. And the production sounds unfinished, where the guitar is very separated from the rest. I would try to make some jazz or jazz funk tracks, with less musical information and a straighter instrumentation.
I think it’s important to continue making music one like and have fun with, but that doesn’t always turn out to be the best suitable music for markets like this.

Thank you very much!

Thanks man, I hear you!

I agree with the other people. I enjoy listening to this! Keep writing. I’m sure there’s an outlet for this somewhere even if it’s not AudioJungle. Just make your own album and put it out there🙂

Hi dude, i noticed a couple of things :

  • reduce the BPM
  • work more on mixing some audio are not correctly mixed
  • also you can add a backround low effect it will increase the general aspect

Have fun, and good luck

Thank You! I love this attitude :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’m grateful for the ideas.

I am not a reviewer but I would say personally that your track is not commercially viable.

Thanks, appreciate your opinion!