This track rejected (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) Uplifting Corporate Inspiration

Uplifting Corporate Inspiration
so what the style belongs this track Uplifting Corporate Inspiration?

Wow, that was rejected? They must have very high standards now. It sounds good to me, and it sounds like a very typical corporate track.

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It appears that they are finally putting a lid on this flood of “reversed cymbal, 4 on the floor kick, delay guitar” template tracks. Must be tens of thousands here by now. It wouldn’t be a bad idea if they communicated these things though.


tell me more?

I think it’s a very likely scenario but all it takes is one newly-approved similar track to dismiss it.

Its sounds to me like the strings carrying the melody in the background @ 0:50 is off from the tempo of the track, like there is a delay on it and it doesn’t allow the part to line up to the track. Also the strings @ 1:15 are not processed right, they sound cheap and they sound shaky. I have had issues with cheap sounding strings back when AJ used to provide comments on rejections. Hope that helps! The guitar, piano and beat sound great!!!

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Wow, didn’t know they used to do that. It must’ve been very useful.

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Thank you man

Good track. But i think the reason of reject is a background strings and acoustic guitar, they are sounding very quiet in the mix.

Thamk you man