This track hard rejected without any specific reason. Any opinion?

Hi, mates!
Recently I’ve got my track hard rejected with our beloved “doesn’t meet aj commercial requirements” and no any other comment. The worst thing is that I’ve uploaded 3 tracks in a row. Two of them where successfully submitted on Saturday and Sunday and hard rejected track was the only one to be submitted on MONDAY! Can somebody explain why it happens? Maybe something wrong with this track? Please help!

The guitar too loud¿?

Maybe the ending is to sudden? no drum fill? maybe its the bridge pause at 1:04 because they can’t sync a rhythm to picture? I think it sounds great all in all. Nice work

Hi @Audioway. Nice track indeed, but the bell sound is very present and harsh. And I think it’s maybe compressed a bit too much.

I think the bell is not good here. It even better without the bell. The pause is not the problem.
I “hate” the bell…
You can remove the bell and make the name like " Inspiring Uplifting Acoustic" maybe.

Ps : and please make the tempo faster.