This Track got REJECTED ? You know why ?

Hi Audiojunglers ! How are you doing guys ?
Afetr posting this message:

“This Track is Absolutly perfect ! and got REJECTED ? REALLY ? You know why ?”
Some people seems to be bothered about the comment PERFECT !

When I said “Perfect” I meant that the track was good to be accepted (Or this was my intention)

My intention was only to transmit my opinion that as commercial quality song was perfect ! menaning
I didn´t see mistakes on the mixing or mastering !

Ovbiosly there were some, and I really apreciate the people that understood me from the
beguining, and gave me so many advices !

Thank you so much !

For the others, I apologize for the confussion.

Once again, thank you for the people that has helped me !
Thank you CleanMagicAudio, SoopSound, RobertSlump, and Frozenjazz

Warm regards,

Hi, yes the track sounds good, but in my opinion should be corrected:
1 . Percussion does not sound very high-grade (perhaps it lacks some instruments to close the voids)
2. The introduction is very prolonged.
3. Too unexpectedly there is from 0:32. You need to make a smooth introduction of percussion.
4. The second instrument with a piano that comes in at 0:16 is too overpowering and the picture with it gets confused, it turns out porridge.
5. I would slightly modify the track, too monotonous.
That’s all I think!
Good luck!

I really like the mix but I agree with the comment above.
Also I don’t get the feeling this track wants to convey. “Inspirational” is such a broad term. Sometimes not enough happens for the track to be very energetic and powerful but that’s the way the chord progression seems to want to sound. Then at about 1:04 it is this feeling of freedom that millenials love, but not quite… At 1:36 it goes back to being what it was before.
Maybe it’s just me. But maybe it helps?

I find the piano reason enough to decline this track as a reviewer.
It sounds too machine-like in my opinion.

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A ‘perfect’ track would surely end up being the number one best seller on AudioJungle? So to beat the current bestseller, it would have to sell around 195 times every ten days. Your current best selling track has sold twice in ten days. So I’m curious… what’s so different about this ‘perfect’ track of yours, to make it almost 100 times better then your best existing item?

Hi Clean Magic Audio !
Thank you so much for your advices and opinion !
In fact I think you are right ! I´ll try to improve these issues !
Once again thank you so much

By the way Clean Magic Audio, I have listened your music and is absolutly beautiful!
I love the song Epic Action ! It is incredible !
Congratulations for your work !

Warm regards,

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Thank you so much for your comment RobertSlump !


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Hi SnoopSOund, thanks for your replay !
Yes your comments really helped me !

And I think yo uare right in a lot of things you said !
I really apreciate your kind words and your help !

I loved your sound Funny ! Is absolutly beautiful and is perfect for cartoons !

Best wishes,

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No problem Sir. And this is just my two cents so don’t take it for fact. Just sounds like the piano could use more velocity and notes nudging. Good luck!

Thank you so much RibertSlump ! I think you are right ! I´ll take care of this !

RobertSlump i wanted to congratulate you for your beautiful music !
The Emmotional & Epic song, is absolutly awesome ! Beautiful music !

Best regards,

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I find the overall production really nice, I mean, it sounds “pro”, no doubt.
I especially like the blend with the rock guitar, and I really like the third chord in your progression.

But, there are many things I see… and I think they have already been written above.

  • the intro is a bit too long
  • when the “meat” of the song kicks in, it is too abupt, you need a smoother transition
  • the piano lack humanity and is too robotic
  • you have made some variations, but somehow the track feels a bit long as it is, maybe because this fast piano is always there?

Also I hope the title of this thread is humour :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: I think it’s crazy to say that a track is ‘perfect’

Hypothetically speaking though, if someone WAS able to upload the ‘perfect’ track, it wouldn’t mean that it would be a best seller because there’s not 100% market efficiency in AudioJungle. In other words, a buyer obviously can not listen to all 500k+ tracks and then decide which one is the most perfect. New tracks, even the ones that are great, often have a hard time being discovered without outside assistance (social media, advertising, etc.)

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Hi Frozenjazz, how are you ?
Than kyou so much for your advices. I think you are right !

Yes, the tittle was a little bit trying to transmit my little frustration of not understanding
why this track was rejected ! Technicly from my point of view was perfect ! What it means ok,
Good, acceptable ! etc…

Frozenjazz, I been listening to your song “Inspirational Soft Piano and Strings” and
let me tel lyou that is absolutly beautiful ! Congratulations for your incredible
and wonderful song !

Best wishes,

Hi, thanks for your answer.
Well, I don’t have any song named “Inspirational Soft Piano and Strings”, but one is “Soft Romantic Piano with Strings”… but it does not sell… I guess I am better at Hiphop :slight_smile: