This topic is for Python learning

Hi there I donot know where the Python group or forum can someone help please?
Thanks Inadvance

Hi @Bcraig_6973. What sorts of Python info are you after?

There are lots of Python tutorials available on Tuts+ here, and some more detailed courses (including a Getting Started guide and Learn to Code with Python) over here.

I wanted to learn Python so I can use it in Blenders API
Do you have any Python but being use in blender ?

Hmm. We have a lot of Blender tutorials, but I don’t think we currently have anything specific to the Blender API.

If you’re already familiar with Blender, I recommend trying out some of the intro / fundamentals Python resources as they’ll give you the basic programming know-how you’ll need, and then going through Blender’s Python API documentation in more detail. Good luck!

Thank You Ben,
I will do that I hope and pray you guys do some future tutorals on Blender using Python

Do You know how to use Python in blender ?
I have read some of the blender doc but it can be confusing maybe when a You can can do a series of tutorals on going step by step through that blender doc with very easy examples so others can really grasp how the API works and how user can ineratcive with it

Just a idea Sir
Thanks in Advance

I recently started learning python and while searching on net, found that there are not much topics available on python on envato. I would also like to know where can I get python post or forum on envato?

I am referring below sites for learning python but as I have seen several other articles on envato, I would like you to make python content available.

Hi! We have a guide that’s designed to help you learn Python with our tutorials and courses:

Hope that helps!

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