This time I need opinions


Ok guys,I have been rejected before,and every time I could see from the point of Envato that in some point that track is not something easy to sell,but this time Im clueless,please,listen to this and tell me where did I go wrong :frowning:
Thank you


Hi TenodiB,

I think it’s all about your staccato violin: attack is too slow and this creates rhythmic issues, and the sound is intimate and romantic, not Epic!

I like the idea of a simple arrangement with few elements, you could emphasize the spatialization effects.
E.g a nice delay on the piano arpeggio would make it more consistent, and wider reverbs could make your track more attractive…

It’s a nice track BTW


Thanks a milion,I needed another point of view for this one,and you hited the spot,I thank you gor your time and effort :slight_smile:


Would agree with @SoundCity
That sound of violins after 0:40 was a bit weak compare to the rest of the song. I would also add, try to mess up with other violins libraries, sometimes it’s better to change it to tweak it countless amount of time with hardly achievable of decent sound. The idea, the melody is very very nice. Also i like your effects (especially reverb) on that track, what did you use if it’s not a secret?

Cool job, keep it up. Cheers! :wink:


Thanks,its not a secret,I use RV7000 mashine on reason,you can rewire it and use it with cubase or ableton,but you probably know that :Danyway,Im very glad you reviewed my track and took time to give me opinon cheers