This really isn't fair. We need to solve this!



It’s February, any updates?
Banners are still here and we are not geting paid for converting customers to Elements.

Some affiliates report the same number of clicks yet unusually lower conversion.

@emile_b, can you please give us some feedback?


I would like to chime in here. My referral traffic has remained consistent but my conversion rate is down 45% over the past 2 months. Also my total traffic is down about 20% largely because, I think, instead of referrals going to other parts of my portfolio, they’re instead following the banner at the top.

If my referrals, coming from my Youtube channel that I have spent years cultivating, are signing up for Elements and forgoing my item on the marketplace, this is highly unethical.

I’d really appreciate some response from Envato on this. Thanks!


This issue was brought many times by many authors but nobody at Envato seam to care about i :slight_smile: or they just ignore it or it is the same thing :slight_smile:


+1 Come on Envato fix this - after all we are supposed to be a “Community”.






@emile_b, after having waited for three months, @WaveToys asked you 8 days ago to to give us your status on this.

Do you guys at Envato staff have instructions not to reply to your authors? Or is it your personal decision? What’s going on here? We demand answers!







We love doing charitiy work for Envato. :slight_smile:


Hi @BenLeong @jamesgiroux

I think Wavetoys nails the absurdity of the situation here, what do you think?

Let’s put an end to this “unlimited exploitation of affiliate authors” shall we?

If Envato staff is not getting paid full salary, are they just being told that the situation will be reviewed and analysed?


We can understand there might be some technical limitiations in connecting markets via the same links. Ok, no problem, we can promote them separately in that case! But there is absolutely no excuse for keeping banners and stealing sales from audiojungle authors and affiliate traffic. Really highly unethical. Some people pay for expensive google ads to drive traffic to audiojungle portfolio, which ends up in Elements. It takes a few clicks and a minute to disable banners and make it a fair game for authors and affiliates. This is really frustrating and I’ve never seen such behavior, and I’m an affiliate for 6 stock markets, including biggest competitors of Envato. I really cannot believe this.

At this point I just want banners simply completely removed, because I want a simple, fast and fair solution both for authors and affiliates. If affiliates get paid, authors will still suffer because of the ads on their items. I can promote Elements separately. It would be selfish of me to get paid nice referral cuts via elements banners, while non-elements and non-affiliate authors still suffer. We are all a community and we should stick together and do what’s best for everyone.


Also, since February we cannot see what item has been purchased via our links. I’ve contacted Impact support twice this month about this issue and didn’t get any answer. I only see sign up and credit added, but no purchase info in action listing. I’m extremely calm and patient person by default, but all of this disrespectful ignoring from both sides is really driving me crazy.

Especially since I bought 3000 $ worth of materials last month to make better promotions for Envato items and make a living as an affiliate.

@emile_b , PLEASE tell us what’s going on, I already sound like a broken vinyl record. :slight_smile:


I posted before, but I’m a bit concerned that no action is being taken. I understand that integrating market clicks and Elements subscriptions might be complicated. No problem, just pull the banners down until you can. The burden of the complication should be on Envato, and not the affiliates.


Exactly, disabling banners temporarily until we find a solution would take them less than a minute. It’s not a matter of techincal complications, Envato simply does not want to do this, which is very disrespectful.


I´m going to paste my answer in This other thread because is related to this one.

Hi, I totally agree. Authors as me an others are working very hard in external promotion for years (Including payment ads, footage, stock images, etc.,) in order to get more sales or referral earnings. If someone arrive to audiojungle following one of my hundreds referral links that I have in internet and he decided to “click” on this “elemments” banner and try the subscription model I don´t receive a penny for this new subscriber. I lost a sale and also a referral earning because Envato don´t cover a referral earning by this way. What is the business for me to continue promoting audiojungle /envato? @collis @emilie_b



I wonder how much money I lost because of this.
Please stop this robbery!


Still no response… Take your time Envato, it’s not like you’re losing your money while we wait.


Hi @WaveToys,
Going to email you directly regarding reporting on Impact, feel free to cc me in on support tickets to Impact :slight_smile: if this helps.

Regarding your earlier points, these are taken very seriously and actioned. Currently extensive on-going research is being carried out in to this, which I hope to update you on in the coming weeks.
Thank you for your continued co-operation!


What exactly do you mean by that?