this psd has a chance for themeforest?


One Page? I think YES.

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Really? If it has a chance, i’m gonna make blog pages and submit to themeforest. Is it gonna be accepted? what do you think? Do you have any advice? Thanks!

It is nice - coded I would say almost certainly, PSD is hard to tell but it definitely is good.

As you already mentioned it needs to have blog pages, portfolio items either as lightbox or other page.

Ideally I’d suggest you make ‘other pages’ making it either a one page version or multi page - this would open up much stronger chances of approval

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Thanks a lot, man.:smile:

maybe you can improve the footer, and add another home page with different header and new sections like team… to rise up your chances eps today is harder than ever to be accepted
But overall it’s very nice & professional job go ahead & make those other pages. Good luck

Thanks a lot for the feedback.:smiley: