this one point i can't solve SOFT REJECTION!!!

  1. Again, some areas need improving: Screen Capture on 2021-06-03 at 13-19-55.mp4 • Droplr and more

I can understand that the logo should be hidden behind the pre-loader, can anyone can help me to fix this

My Live Link:

It looks very good to me, what the heck!

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When the full page menu is opening then the logo is showing from the main header logo. mean you didn’t assign a different logo for full content menu. I think it is the issue. the logo is not showing in the correct way. you can try to add another logo for full meu content, you can add a animation for for full meu content logo and try to show/hide the logo when the the menu start animation.

Note: I think your demo not working (loading) in FF only showing pre-loader.

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Hello, can you tell me how many time did you wait for a review? We uploaded our theme one week ago and still no any review.

@MaitreArt please view this official link of evanto where you can get approx time for review
link - quality market evanto link


This is amazing link! Thanks a lot!

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@mgscoder Can you please check my demo link now, it is working? Please Let me know, Thanks

It’s working!

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Sorry! but from my side in FF not loading only showing pre-loader.

Thanks for confirming :clap::clap::clap:

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