This one got rejected today :(


It was going to be for the sports contest. I am probably going to sell it myself on my own personal site. Enjoy!


After 200 comments and 28 likes on sound cloud, it would seem your music is quite appreciated by the masses. I like it too. It’s just too bad the reviewer has other ideas!:thinking:


Just an opinion from passer-by. The only thing seems weird for me - vocal samples sound obviously unnatural, especially being pitched high (intentionally?). If replace them with live background singing at traditional Central-African or Brazilian manner - it would be great song I think. I imagine something like well-known Paranaue anthem, because of pentatonica scale and strong percussion groove.

Ah, in addition - fade-out ends heavily unappropriated by reviewers, as far as I know.


i dont know. i like the vocals a lot and got a lot of good feedback about them on Soundcloud. They are from Alchemy.


Sounds like a Chinese geisha playing the koto with Buddha singing when he was at his 18 years :smiley: